Sunday, June 12, 2011

What We're Doing This Summer

I was very inspired  by everyone's ten on the tenth posts, sponsored by Shimelle. I will definitely join in next month! If I were to have done a list this month, it would have been "Ten Things We're Doing This Summer," inspired in part by this fabulous post on what they are NOT doing this summer at the home of Havoc and Mayhem.  Since it's no longer the tenth, I'm not confined to that number.  So, instead, here are 16 things we're doing this summer. {Today's artwork is another page in my smashbook sketchbook, featuring a piece of the envelope I received in the "Good Mail Day" swap that I absolutely loved.}
1.  Henry will work at the CCP sports camp and do his summer AP American History reading.
2. Clara will go to surf camp and finally learn to surf.  She got shut out of Junior Guards this year because it's become so popular, so this will be her substitute.
3.  We will take a family trip to kayak in the San Juan Islands and visit Seattle Washington.
4. Paul and I will travel to England (London, Cambridge and the Cotswolds).
5. Clara will visit relatives in Southern California.
6. Henry will go to a residential soccer camp at Santa Clara University and play soccer for a local men's soccer team.
7. Henry will get his drivers license.
8. Clara will go to basketball camp
9. Paul will plan for  his retirement from the state and continue to lay the groundwork for opening his own consulting business.
10. I will scrapbook - focusing on my heritage album and annual family albums.
11.  I will work on my photography - focusing on portraits and relearning PSE.
12.  We will finally replace the carpets in the house.
13.  We will work on backyard repairs
14. Henry will play American Legion baseball and attend the HMBHS baseball clinic.
15. I write an article or two.
16. I will continue to work in mixed media collage and art journaling. I don't have specific projects in mind, except that I want to get back to working in plaster once the weather gets warmer.
Sounds busy! But still more relaxed than the school year. What are your summer plans?


Amy said...

It always amazes me how our summers end up almost as busy as the rest of the year - you are in for the rides of your lives by the sound of things!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a really busy,but fun,time.Our summer break doesn't start for another 5 weeks yet!!

Sian said...

Now that sounds like a busy summer!

Lizzie said...

Wow, a Busy Summer indeed, Rinda!
Shame Clara couldn't go to her Lifeguards this year - but it sounds as if it might have been a blessing after all, if she has such a great alternative. Henry and Clara are certainly busy all summer - how many weeks' holiday to they have from school - it sounds like they need about 10 weeks to fit it all in!

This summer I hope to do these things (among others):
Meet a rather special Blog Friend, who is visiting Cambridge, London and the Cotswolds (!)
Make lots of Wedding Guest books and other books.
Support J. through leaving his current school and preparing to start his new one in September.
Teach an adult Book-binding course, on 17th July.
Go to Wales, to visit my cousins, uncle & aunt, and have a relaxing week in the lovely Wye Valley.
Take a short sea-side break in Wells-Next-the-Sea (North Norfolk), where we go just about every year, at some point.
Finish some home decorating tasks that have been hanging around for ages.
Maybe organise an Autumn meet-up of some other blog friends.
I think that will do, don't you?
Let me know your plans for your visit - my calendar is filling up amazingly fast and I don't want to miss you!

Unknown said...

That sounds like a busy summer, we have four weeks left of school before the holidays.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like everyone has a great summer planned. We hope to get our new kitchen started, are going to Vancouver for four days and then on a cruise and land tour of Alaska with good friends, will hang out with family at Conesus Lake one week in July, will work in our vegetable garden at the community garden, and will keep busy with our hobbies and our friends. When I retired, my son commented that I would now have "endless summer." In some ways that has been true, but summer is time off from some of my volunteer commitments, and the weather is good enough that I can spend more time outside with my camera. I'm continuing to work on compostion and hope to come up with some decent night photography shots as well.

Irene said...

Very busy time for Mom's Taxi Service.LOL Isn't it wonderful to have two busy teenage children. I enjoy taking my boys to and from their different activities, but will be glad when my oldest gets his license this summer.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Looks like you have a bunch of stuff planned!

We haven't seen the bear in almost 2 weeks now so there might be some backyard camping this weekend!

Ginger said...

Sounds like a great summer for everyone :)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Wow - that's a full summer!

#17. Meet up with blogging friends Deb & Carrie in August... ;o)