Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Two Houston Memory Cards

These are my last two Houston Memory Cards (see details here).  I will end up with a set of twelve total, and the project feels done.  
The card on the left is about the quiet, day-to-day activities of the summer I spent in Houston.  It reads: "We spent lots of long days whiling away time at the office of Salas Jewelers. The highlight was taking the mail down the hall and dropping it in the old-fashioned mail slot and then trying to watch it fall all the way down from the tenth floor to the basement mailroom. Back home, Uncle Nano and Aunt Vera taught us how to play canasta and told us tall tales, including one about the 'missing link.'"
The card on the right is about Wylie Street. It reads: "My grandmother and Tia Lupe shared a house on Wylie Street.  Two of my Uncles lived on the same block.  I remember a drainage ditch out front where we caught tadpoles (or was it crawdads?) And at the end of the street was a little market where we could buy cold soda and candy - in all sorts of varieties not found in California."
After making all my cards, I had some scraps left over from my May Counterfeit Kit.  So, I made these tags:
I found the idea for these tags at the A Creative Operation blog during last month's CKC blog hop. Mine are a little different, but I'm happy with them.  Do you have a favorite way to use up scraps?


helena said...

can't believe that is 12 cards - what a great collection. Love teh tags - off to check out the link - I need a way to use scraps!!

scrappyjacky said...

You've got such a great set of memory cards now,Rinda. Are you going to start a different set now?
I love those tags....they are very 'you'.
I tend to use my scraps on cards....and sometimes to make embellishments for scrapbook pages.I really ought to make tags more often.

laurie said...

i love all the details in your memory cards. what a wonderful way to preserve such a special place and time in your life.

Anonymous said...

Your memory cards were such a great idea, and I've so enjoyed your stories. LOVE your tags; one of my favorite ways to use scraps.

Becky said...

I have loved your memory cards and the tags are wonderful too. What will you use the tags for? I have started to make cards with my scraps - which is very unusual for me, as I am not really a card maker!

Sian said...

I have hugely enjoyed this series Rinda. It's been one of my all time Rinda- favourites (and that's saying something!)

A Creative Operation said...

I love what you did with the tags!!! They are beautiful!

Irene said...

I looked forward to reading your Houston memories, so sad to read it is the end. You have inspired me to write about my family vacation to California.
Your tags are wonderful, love all the colors.

Ginger said...

A job well done if it feels complete! Your cards were wonderful to read Rinda :)
I use my scraps typically for cards. I must say I have bought very little paper this year and I'm finding my scraps are getting used up, a very good thing!