Monday, April 18, 2011

Enchanted Forest (AJ page) and Blog Hop Winner

ETA:  I took down the previously displayed art journal page because I received the following email from the artist:
"Hi Maria,
I came across your blog and the collage containing an image of one of my paintings.
While I am flattered you like my work and promote my website through your blog, I am displeased the image was used to make another piece of artwork and broadcast without my permission.
My images are protected by copyright laws and are my intellectual property.
I am requesting the image be removed from the internet until express written permission is granted from my attorney.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Brian McGuffey"
Who knew any artists read my blog?  And, as I said in my email reply to him, I certainly did not mean to cause him displeasure or to do anything wrong. I treated his postcard the same way I treat other found objects in my mixed media work. I do not make any money off his image, and I gave it proper attribution.  I thought that was sufficient, especially since the image is visible on his website and promotional material.  Oh well, live and learn . . .
********************************************************************************Thanks to everyone for stopping by my blog as part of Mel's smashing Alpha-Numeric Blog Hop! I especially appreciate all the insights people shared about the artists in their family.  I used the random number generator to select the winner for the assortment of Clara cards, and its: Mariana! Congratulations! Since I already have your mailing address, I'll get them out to you soon.
On Sunday, I taught an art journal class on "finishing those pages."  It was about taking the wonderful backgrounds or half-finished pages of students and moving them to completion.  I made the page above, titled Enchanted Forest, with journaling that reads "She wandered in the Enchanted Forest and encountered the magical beings within her soul." The focal image is from a postcard by an artist named Brian McGuffey that I picked up at an art festival last year.  I love his work, which you can check out on his website here. Have you discovered any new artists lately?


Margi said...

I love this page Rinda! The colors and the quote so captures the essence of me! LOL Thanks for posting Brian's web page, I'm passing it on to Krissy. She will love his work.

Sian said...

Finishing pages sounds like a wonderful class - I bet you could run that one over and over again!

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful, beautiful page! I love the colors and the quote is charming.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

What a great idea for a class! It would also be a good idea for a blog hop or linking party!

laurie said...

beautiful page - i love the little bird up in the tree!

Anonymous said...

ME!??? NO WAY!! :D LOVE your enchanted forest .. i always find fairies when i visit the enchanted forest :D


humel said...

Congrats Mariana! :-)

Another fab page, Rinda - you're my biggest inspiration when it comes to art journaling! Not that my pages look like yours at all, but you inspire me to actually make pages, and that's a good start, so thank you xx

scrappyjacky said...

I'd love a class in finishing pages...and I think Deb is quite right about it being great for a blog hop!!
Love the way you've finished this page.

Ginger said...

Yeah, blog hop it Rinda ;) I do love your page, I love those mixes of reds and oranges. I just checked out the link to the artist, I especially like the "Roost".

Lizzie said...

I recently came across Elly Mackay (, who has a shop on Etsy, called Theater Clouds. Her work is so lovely; she makes paper cut-outs and arranges them in a miniature theater, with lights and backgrounds, then photographs them, to produce enchanting and atmospheric pictures.
I also like Danny Phillips (, another Etsian. He uses various sources of inspiration - poems, photos etc -and turns them into bright, happy pieces of art. Well worth a look!

I love how you use colour, Rinda. Your work always makes me smile. I am honoured to actually have some of your work too - which makes me smile all over again!

Anonymous said...

Is this for sale?