Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digital Art vs. Photo Improvement

Okay, I think I'm starting to get a sense of photoshop elements - what I like about it and can see myself using it for on the digital art side.  Heather posted this link to Shadow House Creations which has some very artsy textures, and they're all free! If you're interested in learning how to use textures, check out this post from Kim Klassen.  I used the painted sonata texture with various blends to make the art above.  It started life as the following photograph, which seems like the perfect photograph to photoshop because of its light background, abundance of white space and inherently artsy quality:
I also used one of the Shadow House "oil cloth" textures to create this:
from this original photo:
More subtle, but still clearly photoshopped to change the photograph into digital art. 
On the other hand, here's a black and white conversion. Something that fits more in the realm of improving a basic photo, rather than creating digital art.  It was actually harder than I thought! LOL! The original first:
And the conversion:
Which do you prefer?


Amy said...

You chose an excellent photo for the first example Rinda. Yes, I think changing photos to B&W can be tricky but you have done a great job - I actually like both, but B&W is so evocative isn't it?

helena said...

great use of texture, as you say a lot of it is picking appropriate photos

glad you are liking ShadowHouse

Anonymous said...

The first two photographs are much improved by transforming them into art. Wonderful choices not only in the photos, but the textures you chose. The texture created such a lovely canvas in the first one, and I love the second one. You did a great job with the B&W. I agree it's not easy. The B&W conversion softened the effect of the background a bit, I think, so your son is more prominent in the photo. Just what you want. Off to check out these textures.

Sian said...

Wow, you have been getting really stuck in, haven't you? It's fascinating to watch!

scrappyjacky said...

I love that first one,'ve changed that photo into a wonderful piece of digital would look great on the wall....or in one of your art journals.
I like both the photos of H,but think I actually prefer the colour one....I agree changing them to b + w is tricky.....though some photos seem to look far better in b + w.
And many thanks for your lovely comments on my blog today....very much appreciated.

alexa said...

I love your black and white rendition. :) And your ouil cloth textured photo is stunning. Off to explore that link - thank-you!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I know you don't like flickr but I wish you would add some of your texture work to our current theme at mortal muses... applied textures. :)

I also started a new Saturday meme based on the five senses. Next week is BLUE.

humel said...

Love how you've done these :-)

I like the way the black and white conversion has made your boy stand out more - the background is a bit bright and distracting in the colour version - I wonder if it would be possible to keep the colour but darken or desaturate just the background part of the shot?

Lauren said...

In this case, I like the color one better. BW conversions in photoshop are tricky - so some internet research on the different types and experiment to find what you like. Plus, I find not every photo lends itself to being BW.

Love the top image and the texture!

Birgit said...

Hi Rinda,

I found you via OWOH and kept on looking through your blog until I found out that you are also into digital art. :) YEAH!

If you ever feel like joining a group of like-minded people, be sure to check out this Yahoo group:

Happy creating,
OWOH # 66