Tuesday, December 28, 2010

JYC Holiday Edition (1/2 posts for today)

I hope you're not too bored of my JYC.  I've been taking pictures along the way and want to get them organized and journaled here on my blog so I can move them to my journal soon. I promise some real art next week.  In the meantime, Christmas morning arrived:
Santa brought the kids nice electronics - an ipod touch for the girl and an xbox 360 for the boy. We also got them clothes and a stocking full of the practical (hair accessories for the girl; car accessories for the boy; a toothbrush; etc.) and the fun (a DVD for each, Uno for the boy and a stuffed horse for the girl). Santa brought two board games for the adults. Blokus, which was a great find, and Funglish, which we haven't played yet.  The rest of the family arrived around 11:00, and we spent the day playing Dance, Dance Revolution on the Wii and cooking a huge meal.
Boxing day will have two pages.  The first:
A new tradition for us is to go as a group to play lazer tag.  It feels a little odd to celebrate the holiday by running around and shooting at each other, but we all have a great time doing it! Henry seems to dominate the proceedings, but it doesn't matter that much, as we all feel like winners after having so much fun together as a group.
And then we were off to see Paul's family again:
Paul's dad's birthday is December 27, and we'll often get together with his family to celebrate it.  He turned 81 this year, and he's doing great.  Helen makes him a homemade chocolate cake, as he has quite a sweet tooth and loves chocolate in particular.  I love this shot of Helen lighting the candles.
On our last day in Southern California, we're going on one more very special outing.  Look for a post about it tomorrow as well as some final pictures and thoughts on JYC to finish up the project! Are you done with your December album/JYC yet?
ETA: Okay, I've gotten so bored with my posts about this project that I'm going to go ahead and do a rare double-post, so that I get all my JYC posts up on my blog where I can grab the journaling and transfer to my album.


Mommy2CVC said...

LOL! Okay I was there and must have missed Dance, Dance Revolution. Did this happen before or after we left? I love my Christmas tree album thank you very much and I also got some new shoes with one of my gift cards!!!

scrappyjacky said...

It's more boring doing them, than reading them,Rinda!! I'm getting a bit bored with posting mine....and I'm way behind you....but loving reading yours...it's fascinating seeing all the different things you do....and really enjoying the hipstamic photos.

humel said...

You certainly haven't bored me! I've loved reading your posts, and was sorry to be unable to visit for a while due to our visits to family and then my illness. It's good to catch up! xx