Friday, July 23, 2010

I need tips for shooting night photos under lights

My son will be playing in a baseball tournament this weekend, as many of you already know (LOL!).  All the games are in the evening (8:00 pm starts) under the lights at a local college.  He hasn't played under the lights very often, and I would love to get some tips for how to take effective photos under lights at night.  These were taken in sports mode.  Now that I know more about photography, I'm open to taking photos in program, aperture priority or shutter priority mode; but shooting in manual is still beyond me.  So, within those parameters, what advice do you have?

Edited to add:  I did a little searching, and I'm thinking I should shoot in aperture priority mode and
*put my aperture as low as I can (to open the lens as much as possible)
*set my ISO as high as I can stand (say 400 or 800)
*check the different white balance settings to get the one that works best
and let the camera choose the shutter speed.
Does that sound right?


Amy said...

Rinda I do not have any personal experience in this area whatsoever, can you do an online search for tips - perhaps Karen will be able to help, she has a great deal of photographic knowledge. Good luck, I'll be waiting to see how you both go this weekend!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I wish I could give you a good answer but just took 20 pictures of a picnic table to get the right lighting. LOL!!!!!!!

laurie said...

sorry - not a photographer. but am totally with you in spirit. go team! :-)

Amy said...

Yes it does sound good but the shots will be grainier by doing that - if that is ok then go with it! Like all of this though - it is a big experiment ... try the new things and maybe take some shots in your regular way too just so you get a variety and you know what you are familiar with and what the outcome will be :-)

humel said...

Shimelle's already answered this on the forum so much better than I could! Good luck with the photography, and good luck with the games xx

Cheryl said...

Good luck with the shots sorry I am still abit of a novice x