Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Art Goals - New Classes and More

There are several things I want to work on in the future:

  • Return to teaching classes. I know that several of you have asked when I will return to teaching, and I definitely plan to. I have several classes planned out. Rustic Treasures (Designs on Plaster); Creating Cards with Collage Images; and Stamp, Emboss and Paint! are the three new ones. Plus, I'd like to return to a few favorites that I haven't done for a while. Next steps are to figure out where, come up with a schedule and get some students. Feel free to let me know what classes you'd like to see and what times generally work best for you (i.e. weeknight, weekend morning, weekend evening).
  • Experiment with my "signature style."
  • Work on my Heritage Scrapbook and Wedding Scrapbook. These are the projects that never seem to get done.
  • Complete DD's Grade School Album . . . hopefully before she finishes middle school.
  • Complete the catalogue of my completed art projects.
Today's blog features a collage on plaster I made for Veteran's Day called "Latino Service."


humel said...

I love it when you share a new piece :-) What are your plans for this one?

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Lovely collage. I'm becoming more intrigued by collage these days. I wish you success with your goals.

Kathy M said...

Great list of goals. Are you looking to teach somewhere up near you?

Amy said...

What an interesting piece of artwork - I enjoy seeing all of the ways in which you work. Also, thanks for the previous post, I picked up some handy tips as well.

Heather said...

Best of luck with your goals and that is a stunning piece of work!

Sian said...

Beautiful work..I'd love to be able to reach out and touch it.

Anonymous said...

I love your heritage scrapbook page and the list of goals you have set out. I hope you achieve them all!