Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mare Island for Seven! (Photo Scavenger Hunt)

I have always said that one of my favorite things about my Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunts is when they provide provide people an opportunity  excuse to take a trip to discover something new. And each year I put some items on the list which will force me to get off my butt and go do something different give me that opportunity. When I put metal bridge on the list, I was planning an excursion to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. That still might happen, but last weekend, I found myself in Vallejo with a few extra hours on my hands, and I decided to go see if I could find a spot to take photos of any of the nearby metal bridges. On my way, I found lots of items for the Hunt!
I started at the Visitor's Center where I captured a ticket booth (this is where the tickets for the Ferry is sold) and saw a woman walking her dogs:
They struck me as a very sweet trio; I imagine they have a very special bond between them!
Then it was off to Mare Island, a retired Naval base where I was told I could hike to a good vantage point for taking a photo of the Carquinez Bridge in the nature preserve on the island. I drove to the entry of the Nature Preserve.
And found a rather random tent pitched near the entry! As I walked up the trail, I decided to capture a photo of a body of water:
A sail boat heading up the Napa River. As I got further up the hill, I spotted:
A cell tower in a rather beautiful location! I also found the "Spirit Boat."
It's not on the Scavenger Hunt list, but it's a cool find nonetheless!
Finally, at the top of the hill, I was rewarded with a stunning view of the bridge which is at the top of this post. And here's a more zoomed-in shot:
All-in-all, a terrific day for scavenger hunt photo finding! I think I only have five left, but that includes two of the most difficult (merry-g0-round and ornate door knocker), plus some easy ones, like the traffic signal. How are you doing on the Hunt?


Ladkyis said...

I am doing well. The metal bridge already has two contenders in this house but we were aiming for a very special one today. We didn't get there the reasons will be in the Me on Monday blog. I didn't take a single picture because I was so annoyed at what was happening!
I have seven left and the most difficult will be that darned flagpole. I have already taken the rocking chair as a substitute - actually two different rockers.

Lady Ella said...

Sounds like a fulfilling day! The bridge reminds me of many Japanese bridges in style. Nice place to camp and I was amused by the doggie that didn't feel like walking! I am doing well on the hunt. My main problem is pacing myself and not finishing too fast! I have taken quite a few that I have yet to post, and the remainder shouldn't be too hard. (Fingers crossed!) Quite annoyed to have seen two good contenders for overloaded vehicle - but not able to photograph... All good fun!

Julia said...

I am doing appallingly but I know I have a couple of trips coming up that should improve my tally! Your day out prooved very successful Rinda! And you're right it's a great thing to make us get off our butts and do something!

helena said...

yes I always enjoy the trips that I make in order to get an item - looks a lovely hike and I love the spirit boat

scrappyjacky said...

Great selection you managed to capture.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Some 40 years ago now we lived in Burlingame and really loved going into The City with the kids. There was sooo much to see and do. One weekend Ron took us to Angel Island in the Bay (He was assigned with the Corp of Engineers there.). It was quite a treat. The Bay Area is a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing.

debs14 said...

What a great collection, and all from one day out! I haven't got many recently, I need to go out with my list, I'm sure I've missed some because I haven't memorised them all yet!

Melissa said...

The spirit boat is definitely a FUN find! So many great photos for the hunt on your little adventure!! Love it!

I'm still hoping to capture at least 21 items again this month. :)

Cheri said...

I finally snapped a few during our trip to Kentucky last week. I'd have gotten a lot more if I had felt well and been more "in the mood" ... hopefully next week when I go to the shore with my sister!

Hazel A.. said...

Wow, Rinda! Really like your finds and the scenery is incredible (I was born and raised in the Bay Area - Mountain View - and have always had a fondness for the coast)!