Saturday, July 25, 2015

Art Journaling: One Print Three Ways

Last Saturday I took an art journaling class with Dina Wakley that focused on print making. One of the techniques we learned featured making a collage-style print plate with book board. I made a scene with a simple house, some journaling lines and a winged heart with the word "yes" on it. I had difficulty with this technique during the class (especially with getting the winged heart to look like anything other than a red blob). Yesterday I revisited the prints I made and my print plate, and I ended up some results I like. First up, I took one of my print "failures" from the class and added some outlining. I then attached it to a background in my big road atlas journal. It's still not a perfect print, but you I think it works on this page.
Next up, I cut the bottom half off of some of my print failures and used the house and journaling lines on another art journal page in my road atlas journal. Again, the pen lines I added do more work than the print, but I think it works, and I can see using this print again.
Finally, my favorite! I added paint to just the house portion of the plate and printed onto some tags. I got a pretty good print and one that I can see myself using over and over again.
Print making really is a great way to create elements for an art journaling page, and, for this technique at least, simple is definitely the way to go!

4 comments: said...

The outlining really brings those little strips forward ... and you are reminding me that persistence brings its own rewards :).

Becky said...

That house tag really looks good.

Halle said...

That's really great. Love your journals esp the last one. It looks so textural.

Missus Wookie said...

I like to see how you create and use your creations in different way. I like the outlining and that house tag.