Sunday, March 1, 2015

Playing with Distance: Still Life 52 #7

Tres Flores
This week's lesson in Be Still 52 focuses upon placing objects at various differences and adjusting the focus. I found the lesson fairly difficult to master, but I eventually created Tres Flores, above. I like the soft colors and curves/rounded shapes throughout the photograph. I shot this downstairs in my studio in the afternoon. I get a lot of direct sunlight from the southwest facing window in the afternoon, but a cloud passed over right before I took this shot. 
Beneath my heart
After the sun came back out, I had to switch the direction I was shooting  because the light was too bright. Although there's not that much distance between the three objects in the photograph, I played a lot with where to place the focus. Eventually, I really like the way the eye is drawn into the words and the heart.
Both of these were shot with my 50 mm lens. I may try this lesson again with my 80mm lens tomorrow.


Beverly said...

I especially like the first one, if eel the depth and that china pattern is gorgeous. Nature and the elements have forced me to play with manual mode much more than I usually do this winter. I have so much to learn!

Karen said...

I signed up for this course last spring, and you've inspired me to get going on it! I'll never catch up, but I'm working my way (backwards at the moment) through the lessons. I'd be curious to see what these still lifes would look like shot with the 80mm. I rely on my 50mm a lot for shots like this.

alexa said...

Lovely focus on that cup - you have some beautiful china!

Melissa said...

Nice shots - looks like you are enjoying the still life photography this month!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! You're making me think I should haul out the DSLR and the 50mm lens and do something.

Sandie said...

Both beautiful but I especially like the focus of the first photo. I have a bridge camera so no lens changes for me. I do keep telling myself to play and be more experimental with my camera as it is capable of so much more than the automatic setting that I use.