Sunday, July 27, 2014

Latte or Margarita - your choice!

Come and in and let's chat!
Latte or Margarita - your choice.
Two sides of my summer.
Both photos taken on the same day.
I wish I could say they represent what a balanced life I am leading, but really July has felt more frenetic than balanced. I had a lot going on and threw myself whole-heartedly into one activity after another - be it finishing a very long law review article or meeting my book group for drinks and a mid-summer catch up. I've had very little time for blogging, blog reading or creating art, other than keeping up with the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.
If you could stop by and we could chat, I'd tell you that, although I'm glad that so much is getting accomplished, I have worn myself out a bit. I'm feeling a bit under the weather and spent most of yesterday in bed. Upstairs I can hear Paul painting the dining room. We've been having two of the bathrooms renovated, and the contractor was nice enough to patch some of the dings and divots in the walls there while he was doing the drywalling the bathrooms. I would tell you that while it will be really nice to have the two bathrooms done, it has been no fun living in a construction zone for the last two weeks (with about one more week left on the horizon).
I'd tell you that I got a new kitten from the kitten nursery, and while Frida is the best kitten ever, there is some work to taking care of her (especially figuring out how to make sure she gets along with the rest of the menagerie). She and the big cat are just fine together, and the dogs probably won't hurt her, but they're sooo big relative to her that I'm still being cautious about having them all out and about together.
I'd tell you that my son Henry's internship is going along much better since he asked if he could work with the marketing department (in addition to the research and evaluation work he's been doing). He seems to understand the purpose of the marketing work much more than the evaluation work. He's also playing soccer on two teams and spending a lot of time with his friends; he dropped his summer school class, as he was too busy to do it justice. Clara is moving along with her summer assignments for school - finished The Road; struggling through Beloved; ignoring her online writing class. But she is having a great, great time with  friends. The latter is really important to me; it is great to see her happy. Plus, she's spending a lot of time volunteering (which means I'm spending a lot of time driving her around).
If you could stop by and we could chat, I guess I'd tell you that the summer is going by too quickly! That I can't believe that July is almost over and that I'm hoping August will be quieter, but know in my heart of hearts that it won't be. So, I'm just going to do my best to enjoy it and be grateful for all the good that's going on. And know that I will miss all the hustle and bustle once the fall rolls around.
Finally, I'd stop running on. I'd stop and ask how your summer is going. Is it quiet and relaxing? Or hectic and fun? I know both can be good and I wonder which you prefer.
And, before you left, I'd remind you that I put up a linky at the end of the month (this Thursday) for everyone who's doing the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt to check in and let us know how it's going. It'll be there all weekend, and I'd urge you to stop by.
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ally said...

Hi, great to catch up. Summer is always a busy time for mums. Thanks for the latte

Becky said...

Yes your summer does sound busy! As I work full time I am still really busy over the summer. I have had one week off when we went to Crete (must do a blog post about that!) but every weekend since we have been busy and we have something planned every weekend through to the second week in September! I'm really enjoying the Scavenger Hunt so will catch up with you again later in the week. Thanks for the latte :)

Carola Bartz said...

It does sound like a very busy summer for you - and having a construction zone on top of that is definitely no fun. I still remember our ongoing construction zone two years ago - ugh!
My summer is going by way too fast as well. June was extremely busy with 3 and a half weeks spent in Europe - it was wonderful and it still nourishes me. I actually still feel a bit homesick which makes me question our life in the US. I feel terribly torn at the moment. It also influences my creativity since there is NONE, Zero. It drives me crazy.
Apart from that I enjoy the free time with my daughter and can't believe that school starts in less than four weeks.

debs14 said...

Now how can I decide between two of my favourite drinks? Maybe I'll start with a margarita ;-)
I always find that the summer holidays start with a buzz of activity and then winds down. Then just as I reach a nice relaxing pace - school starts again! Enjoy your summer x

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds very busy,Rinda. With the unusually high temperatures we are's definately the margarita for me,please.

Abi said...

Gosh, that does sound like a hive of activity. I have loved seeing photos of your new kitten on IG. My Granny is currently having lots of building work done and is in a similar situation. Happy it's being done but ready for the mess and the noise to be over!
Take care of yourself Rinda. Thank you for the lovely catch up.

Sian said...

You all sound very busy. Summer has been going quickly here too, but the kids say they are almost ready to start back. We've still got all of August yet, though ..maybe TSO's planned room renovation will keep her busy

Karen said...

July began with happy events, and ended with a very sad event. It has whizzed by. I've been saving some photos for the scavenger hunt post. Last month the linky told me my link was too long, so hopefully this month I can link up. It will be there on Thursday regardless. It's always good to catch up with you.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Lots going on for you and yours Rinda. We're busy here too. Clearing out, re-organising and doing all those niggly little DIY tasks around the house. Quite a few have been ticked off so far, I'm happy to say.

Beverly said...

I prefer a long, slow, laid back kinda summer and for the most part ours is. We have lots of things going on but I am being intentional about not overbooking. The Chosen One and I just spent the weekend at the beach and it was amazing how much it restored me. And I'll always choose the tropical drink enjoyed outside in the summer sun ;)

Susanne said...

It does sounds like things are moving a quite a quick pace in your world. Hope August finds you more time to be mellow, so you can look back on all you accomplished in July. Rest up!

Susanne said...

It does sounds like things are moving a quite a quick pace in your world. Hope August finds you more time to be mellow, so you can look back on all you accomplished in July. Rest up!

Jane said...

Do try and have a rest, it will be Christmas before you know it!!

Melissa said...

I can totally relate to your comment about July - I've had very little time for blogging, blog reading or creating art! I was out of town 17 days in July, but I'm looking forward to a very quiet August with lots of crafty time! :>)

Anonymous said...

That's been a very busy beginning to the summer. I hope somewhere in there is some nice free time to just enjoy it.