Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Monday . . . a meme started by Lisa Leonard.
Hello Late Summer Produce . . . we're still getting a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box each week and enjoying sampling a variety of colorful produce (including lemon cucumbers, purple peppers, yellow beans and red onions).
Hello Law School . . . my new semester starts tomorrow! Luckily I'm on sabbatical (teaching a reduced course load) this year. 
Hello limp . . . my leg is much better, but I'm still hobbling around.
Hello fond farewells . . . many of Henry's friends are starting to leave for University this week. He's not leaving until the end of September but saying good-bye to so many of his friends makes it seem so much more real.
Hello last week of summer break for Clara . . . tomorrow we'll meet with the registrar to plan her school schedule; official cross country practices start this week; and she'll start her school year in one short week
Hello "sit," "down," "stay," and "leave it" . . . Clara and I are taking the dogs to obedience training; results so far are mixed. . . .
Hello Cranberry Beans . . . and pasta e fagioli. Plus ratatouille and all kinds of other fun summer recipes.
Hello netflix and on demand series . . . I'm really enjoying Luther, Broadchurch and Under a Cold Winter Sun. Thanks to those of you who recommended these. I want to start House of Cards soon, and I'm looking forward to any other suggestions people might have.
Hello New Blogs . . . there are two new-to-me blogs that I am really enjoying these days. Marilyn Lamoreux features fabulous photography, inspiring quotes and meaningful reflection that have really been speaking to me.  This post titled "Go toward love, not away from fear" is typical of what she offers up everyday. 
Michael 5000 has a fantastically fun blog called the "Infinite Art Tournament." Described as "an interactive, democratic, long-term exercise in art appreciation," he invites blog readers to look at a few works of art created by two different artists and then choose a favorite (winner) between the two. (He also blogs about an element from the periodic table every month, and I "met" him when he contacted me about using some ATC art I made about the periodic table - you can see my contribution on his blog this week).
Hello Wise Old Friends . . . A few of my long-time blog friends have also published some posts recently which are worth reading.  Inspired by current events, Carola posted this recollection about a visit to Egypt. And Melissa discussed creative wrapping paper and wedding gifts here. 
What are you saying hello to this week? And do you have any new blogs to recommend? 


Amy said...

Marilyn's blog is absolutely lovely and I will have to explore over there more deeply. I enjoyed reading Carola's post you linked too - it is actually one of the reasons I enjoy blogging, learning more about this diverse world of ours and seeing a new perspective. News out of Egypt is devastating at the moment - my parents were only there in February and it is extremely interesting listening to their perspective.

Missus Wookie said...

Carola's photography is gorgeous. Hope your leg improves and this week is a good one for all of you before starting back on the school/work run.

alexa said...

Lots of new starts and hellos as well as goodbyes in your week ... The colourful veg looks like a great place to start!

Cheri said...

Thanks for the links. I spent a 1/2 hour this morning exploring Marilyn's blog and ended up subscribing!

scrappyjacky said...

Having visited Egypt only 4 years ago...I found Carola's post fascinating....and very was such a short time ago that we felt completely safe there as well.
Glad to hear you're enjoying Luther....there are now 3 series of it....all superb.
Good luck with the dog training!!

Sian said...

A very tempting selection of veg. The boxes we used to get were never as colourful as that.

TTO will be one of the first to leave here. Scotland seems to start before England, at the beginning of September

Melissa said...

Thanks for the link Rinda - what a pleasant surprise!

Sounds like you have a fun week ahead as everyone gets ready to head back to school. I'm saying Hello to a week full of fun with some teenage friends before they all head back to school next week - one is coming over this morning to make Millionaire Pie, two are coming over this afternoon for some scrapbooking inspiration, and I'm taking another one to a paint class later this week. FUN!

I'm off to check out the two new blogs now.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Your CSA box looks so colorful! All we are getting is zucchini & tomatoes & corn.

Unknown said...

What wonderfully colourful veg.

Becky said...

Love your veg boxes - they always look so fun and colourful. We're saying hello to my in-law's this week - I haven't seen them since last December, so really looking forward to seeing them.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Glad to hear that your leg is on the mend, and sad about Henry's friends trickling off to college. Well, happy, but kind of know.

Thanks for the links to the blogs - a great idea to include at the end of your Monday post! I'm off to check them out.

PS: I have a scavenger hunt post ready for tomorrow. Do you have plans for another link-up other than the end of the hunt? (Maybe you said but I missed it.) If so, I want to hold some of my cards and post them then... ;o)

Unknown said...

Off to look at your blog links - if I am not seen again for a while it will be your fault!

Lou said...

Will be checking out your links. Good to hear the leg is getting better x

Flora said...

I've never had lemon cucumbers or purple peppers. I'm wondering what they taste like. I bookmarked Michael's blog for the periodic table postings. They're pretty interesting.