Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Top 10 on My Blog

It was an eventful year here at Gallorganico. As the year winds to an end, I wanted to mention the top 10 bloggy things for me this year.
10. My 2012 One Little Word: Home. I focused on three aspects of home:  decluttering my physical house; working on my relationships with my husband and children; and developing my art (especially my drawing and painting). I'm working on a fuller OLW post wrapping up 2012 and talking about my OLW for 2013.
9. Week in the Life - In April, I completed this photojournal project, and I'm really glad I did.  I took a lot fewer photographs this year and made many, many fewer scrapbook pages. So, having this mini-album documenting our life has become even more meaningful.
8. Month of Gratitude - Bernice sponsored An Attitude of Gratitude challenge blog in November. I followed along and made a gratitude journal that I really love. More importantly, I've started a daily practice of gratitude, using It is a wonderful way to pause each day and note something for which I am grateful.
7. A Simple Moment - Alexa, over at Trimming the Sails, has started a monthly meme called "Simply A Moment." It is a wonderful way to record one moment a month. I think what I love most about the meme is the opportunity to hone my writing skills.
6. Story Telling Sunday - And speaking of honing my writing skills, Sian over at From High in the Sky sponsors this wonderful monthly gathering of story telling. And I love it!
5. Nature Photography: Ode to Nature.  The Alisa Burke class "ode to nature" inspired me in many different ways. But my favorite thing was how it spurred me to take composed nature photographs.
4. Paint Party Friday. Every Friday, Kristin and Eva host a gathering for anyone who wants to share some form of painting. PPF makes it much more likely that I will get out my paint brush at least once a week, and I love it!

3. Sketching - I have taken a series of classes all of which have helped me develop my sketching skills (101 Faces;28 Faces; Male Faces; Art of Wild Abandonment; Ode to Nature).    These have made a huge difference in my art this year.
2. Meeting Blog Friends - This year I had the great good pleasure to meet Sian, Alison and their families. They were both wonderful experiences. 
1. Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - last, but certainly not least, I loved hosting the summertime scavenger hunt, which had almost 75 participants this year! It brought me lots of new friends and lots of blogging stories. Exactly what blogging is all about.
What would be on your blog's 2012 Top 10?


Mary B said...

I have loved following your blog this year, and will love it next year too. Sorry if I don't always comment but I do always read it.
May the Lord bless you and your family this coming year, I hope that Paul's health continues to improve, that your son & daughter enjoy their sports and excel them.
But most of all that you find peace and joy in your work, craft, art and of course family.

Missus Wookie said...

Oh what a lovely round up - thank you for all the inspiration you have brought me since we 'met' this year - especially through the summer scavenger hunt which got the whole family involved.

Karen said...

Following your blog is always an inspiration, and your round-up certainly speaks to your creativity and productivity. You do so many wonderful things. Blessings for the New Year! May it bring health and happiness to every member of your family.

debs14 said...

2012 was certainly one of mixed blessings for you and I hope that 2013 has rather less unexpected twists and turns.
The Scavenger Hunt was even more brilliant this year and I found that the last photo taken brought pleasure and yet disappointment that I had finished the quest. Roll on this summer's list.
Your blog is one of my favourites Rinda and I look forward to following the adventures of you and your family in 2013 x

Miriam said...

Your blog is on my top ten list Rinda, I find visiting you peaceful and inspirational, Looking forward to more in 2013.

Beverly said...

What a perfect choice your OLW ending up being for 2012. I am always in awe of the talent you have and the dedication you have to developing it. I look forward to being here in 2013 :)

Alison said...

Meeting you was a highlight for me, as well as your Scavenger Hunt .......thinking of you all as. 2012 comes to a close
Alison xx

Jo Murray said...

You certainly haven't wasted much time this year Rinda...even with the upheaval to your life. I wish you and your family good health and happiness throughout 2013.

scrappyjacky said...

I always love coming to your blog, was one of the first that I began regularly visiting....and one of the very few I always try to comment on.It has been inspiring this always....both personally and creatively.
Your round up certainly shows how much you've achieved this year.....with some really interesting looking blog events and classes.
The Scavenger Hunt is one of my favourite blog events....and I'm already looking forward to the next one.
Storytelling Sunday would also certainly be in my top 10......along with any of Shimelle's classes.
I look forward to sharing next year with you.

Abi said...

Rinda, I want to say now how much I love visiting your blog and what an encouragement you are. I know this year hasn't been easy for you but your blog is always upbeat and always inspiring. I am with you on most of those blog moments! The scavenger hunt was so much fun, I love storytelling sunday and have recently found Alexa's simply a moment. I agree that it really helps my creative writing! x

GlorV1 said...

You've been a busy lady this year and have had your ups and downs. I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2013. Happy New Years to you too Rinda!

Carola Bartz said...

I like this review of yours a lot. When I look back over the year, the main issues were our new home and health. I negletcted my blog a lot this year, and I want to pick it up again in 2013.
Have a wonderful new year, Rinda.

Sandie said...

What a wonderful reflection Rinda. One of my favourite things this year was the Scavenger Hunt you organised. The whole family took part at times and it gave us much enjoyment.
I also enjoyed Bernice's Month of Gratitude. I found it late so did a catch up rather than participate, but thoroughly enjoyed it and am very much thinking that a daily Gratitude is worthwhile. I will look up the link you mentioned.
I also loved the photo of Sian! The positions we find ourselves in sometimes, to take a photo! Only those who are passionate would understand and be past caring. A good thing too!
Hope 2013 is as full and rich for you as this year proved to be and I look forward to following you and taking part in another Scavenger Hunt.

Melissa said...

A great reflection! The scavenger hunt would definitely be on my list of top 10 - I really enjoyed it. I got to meet Cheri this year, so meeting blogging friends would be another. Storytelling Sunday & Shimelle's Ten Things would also make my list.

Becky said...

I have loved reading your blog again this year Rinda. I do hope that 2013 is a better year for your all healthwise. I think on my blog one of the top 10 would be Story Telling Sunday.

Julia said...

I often read but don't often comment (sorry - busy life!) which I will try to change in 2013. Thanks for hosting the scavenger hunt and I look forward to reading your posts in 2013. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Susanne said...

Great recap - I always like stopping by to see what you and yours are up to.

laurie said...

what a great year of blogging you have summed up in this post! i will have to think about my top ten but your scavenger hunt would certainly make my list. your friendship and support has meant so much to me over this past year. i wish you and your family much health and happiness in 2013. happy new year.

Unknown said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog throughout the year.

sky-blu-pink said...

HNY to you and your family, Rinda; good news health wise for Paul and academic success for your children and plenty of creative juices flowing for you! God bless,

sky-blu-pink said...

Oh and Big thanks for the Scavenger Hunt! I so enjoyed the challenge!

Jimjams said...

Happy New Year Rinda & family.
2012 has been a tumultuous year for you all and I do hope that 2013 is calmer for you all but just as creative - you are an inspiration to us all!
Thanks again for the Scavenger Hunt xx

Sian said...

I got here eventually to read this wonderful post and you have me laughing out loud at the surprise picture of - me! Of course our meet up would be right up there on my list on 2012 highlights: what a wonderful day that was.

I'm very much hoping that 2013 turns out to be one of health, happiness and hope for all of you. From our family to yours - Happy New Year!

~*~Patty S said...

I truly do admire how organized you are in your thinking and sharing here!

I must thank Jo Murray in Australia again for introducing me to you by way of your Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt...I enjoyed that immensely and have enjoyed coming to visit you ever since :)