Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WITL: Mundane Monday and Two-Step Tuesday

I'm working on a photography/scrapbooking project called "A Week in the Life," documenting, well, a typical week in my life. For more details, see Ali Edwards' post here.
My Monday was pretty mundane. I spend a lot of time letting this little one in and out (I think she needs a trip to the groomers again soon):
Paul and I took Henry's car in to get his sub-woofers fixed (he got these for Christmas and they've never quite worked right) and then grabbed lunch at an Indian food place nearby:
Back home, I puttered at my art desk and then fell asleep watching the S.F. Giants play a baseball double-header. Henry came home in time to meet with his SAT tutor.
And that was about it. Clara went to swimming, but Paul took her, so I've got no pictures from it (might have to work on that).
Tuesday was a bit more interesting.  I started off the day at the gym.  We did "assessments" (ran a mile for time and held a plank for as long as we could). I was slower and weaker than usual, but I stuck with it.
Then it was off to work. You can see the photographs about that part of my day in yesterday's post by clicking here.  Drove over to San Bruno to watch Henry play baseball:
The boys lost, but a group of us went to a great Mexican Restaurant afterwards (Don Pico). Spending time with the parents is a highlight of the baseball season for me:
A few notes and observations on this project:
1. I'm taking most of my pictures with my a 50 mm fixed lens and my old camera (Nikon D50) because the 50mm is so small and compact and has such nice resolution, but it won't autofocus on my new camera (D5100), and post-processing is much easier with the old camera software so far. Given the volume of photos for this project, I decided to go old school. But it makes me acutely aware that I need to put some time into mastering my new camera and figure out a good post processing flow.
2. This year's project is much more about me and much less about the kids than last time I did it (four years ago; 9/26-10/02/08). I guess that's representative of my life as well.
3. I spend a lot of time with Henry and not so much with Clara - again representative of my life and the state of family relationships at this time.
4. I spend a lot of time with a certain local group of friends - if you look closely, you'll see the same group at the gym and at the baseball field. I'll be back at the baseball field with them again this week and at our book group meeting, as well as an auction fundraiser. We joke that the Coast is actually like a really big house, and we all live together. It definitely feels that way this week.  I consider it a blessing.
For those doing A Week in the Life, what have you started to realize about your life or the project so far?


debs14 said...

I think we met most of our close friends through our kids and the activities they took part in and I'm happy to say that even though the kids have grown up and moved away to uni or whatever, the 'grown ups' have maintained their friendships! As far as the quantity of time spent with each child goes, you will find that there are chapters of your life like that. It will go full circle, I am sure. You just have to give them time and space with the knowledge that you will still be there when they want your company again.

Amy said...

Deb makes some great observations.
I am enjoying seeing the glimpse into your world - and I loved the post yesterday about your drive/walk to work - what a fantastic way to get to the office!

Karen said...

We've been lucky to maintain friendships made through our children as well. Your week brought back fond memories of the crowd we hung out with while Matt played travel soccer.

Sian said...

Such is the stuff of life. Isn't it wonderful that our hobby allows us a chance to stop and think and appreciate like this.

Irene said...

You certainly have a full day. Looks like your desk is also full. My craft tables look like that too. Some day you will look back and wonder how you managed all that life brings with two active children. Hanging in there with you.

scrappyjacky said...

Yes...Deb does make some great observations....I think mother/teenage daughter relationships can be very difficult....but it definately comes full circle again.

Alison said...

I agree with Jackie...after quite a few years of clashing with Kirsty, I have had more years really enjoy spending time with her- hang on in there!
Alison xx

Becky said...

I'm not doing 'week in the life' but I am enjoying seeing what everyone gets up to!

nancy y said...

your days seem pretty busy! I should try this so time - probably lots go on that we don't realize unless we take the time to really look. I love your walk to work.
and hopefully the relationships will straighten themselves out in time!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

The one thing I have realized is there is no such thing as a 'typical week' there are only weeks with more or less randomness in them. This week is fairly typical but I had a CT scan & Havoc had an extra baseball practice & Mayhem had a field trip

Jo Murray said...

An interesting project Rinda... don't know how I'd go with that sort of challenge, but you've done well.

alexa said...

I am enjoying these peeks into your week, and seeing how your life is - what WITL always brings home to me how varied and different life is in different places and what seems humdrum to me might be interesting to someone else!