Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's Talk Arenas of Consumption

Here's the last of my scrapbook pages from my vacation to the Seattle, Washington and the San Juan Islands.  It was inspired by a prompt in Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party scrapbooking class that called for using a border punch.  She mentioned that pulling out a tool like a border punch was a good way to try to get your money's worth out of it. I don't have any border punches, so I pulled out another punch instead.  
The prompt did get me thinking about some of the recent popular tools in scrapbooking that I have avoided:
border punches;
copic markers;
texture folders;
die cut machines;
anything that requires sewing.
In each of these, I've congratulated myself on avoiding a large "arena of consumption" where I could easily find myself collecting one of everything in a given set (and then, too often, letting them gather dust). 
There are, however, many arenas of consumption in which I dabble:
spray inks;
Over time, I've tried to find my style so that I only dabble in those areas where I know I will use the products.  I'm not perfect, but who is?
So, what arenas of consumption do you enjoy dabbling in? Are there some you now wish you avoided? 
"Let's Talk" is a semi-regular series to discuss interesting topics in scrapbooking, photography and paper crafting. I'll leave this up for a few days, in hopes of getting a good discussion. I use this label when I am sincerely interested in seeking people's opinions and input. 


Mary B said...

I'm a collector and a hoarder, there is no hope for me.
My first succumbtion (OK I know that is not a word but it ought to be) is stamps, I always said I would not go down that line but of course that was fatal thing to say.
the next is punches, again no I would only have one or two, deadly!!
At the moment I am collecting Distress ink pads and Alcohol ink. but I haven't as yet caved in to pro markers but I can see that happening too

scrappyjacky said...

Hmmmm....I dabble in far too many I'm afraid....and some of the ones you mention as not using....I actually use a lot.
I've about 80 Copic markers,but as I've had to replace some due to them running out,I think I probably get my money's worth. I do have a die cutter...and use it quite a lot...but try not too buy too many dies...they are a big temptation.I've 2 border punches...use them a lot...could easily buy more....but have resisted.
I did dabble in texture folders....and hardly ever used them...they were definately a mistake.
My biggest 'succumbtion' [thanks Mary]is stamps....I buy far too many...use some far too little...but am not afraid to sell them on Ebay if I hardly use them.
I love inks...spray inks,distress inks,alcohol how come I never have the exact shade I want!!!
Paper...well obviously as a papercrafter....but too often I don't use it straight away....then go off it....I have some very old,unloved papers....but at least Shimelle's classes are a good way to get using it up.
Newest dabble is rub-ons....I never used to use them at all...thought they were a bit naff...then took the She Art class....and realised they could be used in all sorts of creative ways.
My problem is I dabble in other crafts as have 'hoardings' of wool,fabric,thread and god knows what else.
There's obviously no hope at all!!!

alexa said...

Great discussion starter! I have punches I never use. Truthfully, a corner punch and a circle punch is probably all I'd ever need. My go-tos will always be my computer and printer - and if you said I could never use anything else, I truthfully don't think I'd mind!

Sian said...

Your title intrigued me - I couldn't what to see what we were going to be talking about!

I'm not a mass collector - I don't really have a lot of anything. I have three border punches, half a dozen inks and no colouring pencils. I did buy my Slice recently, and that was the biggest craft expenditure I've ever made; but I enjoy using it very much and it seems to suit my style. So I will own up to buying a few cards for it!

I do have other "hoardings" too though. Wool, fabric, embroidery thread, craft books. Books! there you are - we finally got to my biggest weakness

cheryl@ notes from the crystal stairs said...

I believe our area of consumption is very similar in that I don't do die cut machines or much of anything with
sewing . Since I art journal as well
as scrapbook I tend to use paint ,scrapbook paper, stencils, brads etc...things that can be used in both
areas.I like this question and thank you for asking it.

debs14 said...

I think I am a minimalist scrapper! I only have a few cutters and stamps and certainly no die cutting machines. A few edge cutters and a corner one. I have a few distress stamp pads that I use for inking the edges of papers. I like the subscription kits that I get monthly as they often include things that I wouldn't normally buy so I have a wide selection of stickers and embellishments!
By the way, I just emailed you re the giveaway that you did in August where my number was chosen. It would appear that my postman may be enjoying whatever you sent as it never arrived with me :-(

Irene said...

I am a minimalist when it comes to scrapping items, though I do have a lot of rubber stamps. I am most consumed with stained glass. I buy and store for that one large window panel I've been wanting to make for my dining room.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... i REALLY try not to buy stuff i wont use ... i have a die cut machine that i dont use a lot, but i've used enough to justify the purchase, i have not gone wild buying cartridges for it (luckily), i have a ton of QK and i dont use it as much as i did, but again i've used the heck out of it, my copic markers? ya i use those, too ... i have quilling stuff (i didnt buy it) that i dont use, but Angelina does, i have paints i dont use often, but use sometimes ... i guess the main thing i buy too much of is stamps (and i recall vowing to NEVER get into stamping, who was i kidding?) ... but they make me happy, so that's ok, too. ... BUT i need to quit buying UMs, once they go in their folders i dont remember that i have them ...

Mariana in CA

Alison said...

My only cutter is a Silhouette Quickutz, which I use fairly often I have stacks of paper and embellies, but not many stamps,punches or mists
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

I've collected in almost every area you've avoided, but I do use my die cuts and punches almost every time I craft. I have too much paper, but I'm trying to control that. Over time, my tastes have changed. I used to use a lot of flowers, and now I rarely do. I've purged and given away many of them, but still have more I should get rid of. Not too long ago, I made a list of the things I used most often, and I need to try to clear my shelves of those items I no longer use. On the other hand, I have limited paints, sprays, and ephemera.

Unknown said...

I do seem to have a lot of stuff hoarded, but have not bought anything recently. Got stamps, not many punches, lots of paper, die cutter and dies. Some of my inks and paints are starting to dry up now though. Also dabble in other crafts too though, so have wool for knitting and crochet, tapestries and cross stitch kits and probably a few other things as well. But have definately cut back recently until I use up some of this stuff.

Carola Bartz said...

Unfortunately I have way too much stuff. What I can never avoid getting more and more of is paper. I'm addicted to paper. Recently I don't look at mails anymore that promote new papers etc. but delete them immediately, just not to get tempted. I have so much paper, I could probably wallpaper a few houses with that. Paint is another thing... and stencils. And of course I love stamping... I think you get the picture!

laurie said...

this is an interesting topic! i try to avoid any tools that i could easily do/draw/cutout myself. i haven't got caught up in some of the new, fancy stuff but every once in a while i find myself looking that way... very tempting.

humel said...

Interesting post, Rinda :) I do love my border punches and have a fair few now; I have other punches though that I haven't used nearly enough to justify their purchase. I have a large number of stamps but most of them have been used often enough (or I know I will). I have a die cutter and many of the dies and embossing folders have been used plenty, but there are a few dies that were a mistake...

There are a few 'one-off' purchases that were a bit of a waste though - things like friendly plastic or pearl powders that intrigued me and I thought I'd enjoy playing with, but they've just sat in a drawer for 2 years or more.... Having said that, my spray inks sat around for a while then suddenly I started to use them loads and will need to replenish them soon, so who knows when I might suddenly 'click' with some of the other supplies too?

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Being digi I can try all sorts of things & getting rid of stuff I don't like is as easy as hitting the delete key. :) I've discovered I'm not a fan of acrylics, fabric alphas and I do tend to buy stitching sets in assorted shapes even though I only ever use them as border trim.

I also own far more cross stitch patterns than I will ever use