Friday, August 12, 2011

Revisiting the Topic: Appropriate Subjects to Photograph

A little while ago, I wrote this post about what subjects were appropriate to photograph and whether there were subjects that should be off-limits. I really appreciated everyone's comments because they captured so much of what I was thinking. One thing I had not focused on (although it seems obvious) is the difference between what I photograph to put in my scrapbook and what I post or publish on my blog.  Shortly after I wrote that post, I came across this terrific post at Mari's blog. She does a great job describing the differences between candid street photography and street portraits. I love this one quote in particular she has about street photography: "If your intent is to document people, candid street photography isn't exploitive. Take tastefully every photo is unique, it captures a moment in time. If taken right, you can see the emotions and mystery of the moment. She also has some great suggestions for how to deal with photographs you want to post on your blog. It's well worth checking out, as is her blog in general.
Thanks again for all the terrific comments. I trust no one would object to my photograph for today, which I think captures a moment in Chipping Campden!
p.s. I took the photograph of the school children in England from the footpath on which we were hiking and which runs right by the parish school. We were pretty far away and it was over in a moment, so that would explain why no one saw me or objected.


Amy said...

Ha! Today's candidate for street photography is mighty fine! :-) I enjoyed reading Mari's blog tonight, it certainly made for an interesting read.

debs14 said...

Actually, I think the subject of this photo may be posing especially for you!

laurie said...

your photo makes me wish i were there walking on those stone sidewalks, stopping to pet that adorable dog, and heading to some lovely shop for tea!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture and thanks so much for the link to Mari's blog, it was quite interesting.