Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt: A Handmade Roadside Memorial or Shrine

I live in a beach town. There is one long highway that runs parallel to the ocean, and we have a variety of neighborhoods which have grown up on either side of the main artery.  Highway 1 is often full of traffic (including commuters, teenagers, and tourists unfamiliar with the area), and there are few stop lights along the ten mile stretch of road.  An unfortunate result of these conditions is that there are several deaths on the highway each year. Each death is a tragedy in someone's life, and, when the tragedy involves a local from our small community, we are all touched by it. When I drive between my home and my children's schools, I can count at least six roadside memorials. And I know the story behind each one.  When I see them, I remember the person who is no longer with us and my heart goes out to the ones left behind to mourn. I guess that's the purpose of the shrines. For us to remember and to care for our neighbors.


Mary B said...

Nicely put, Maria, I have never thought of it that was, I really don't cope well with roadside shrines but perhaps now I will think of them in a different way.

Amy said...

There are several roadside shrines on different parts of the road near where my parents live, I too never like to see them and always feel sad when I pass one.

helena said...

Shrines like those were on the roads in New Zealand but don't seem to appear in Scotland - interesting different norms