Monday, October 4, 2010

Scrapling Returns (and a little tease)

Remember scraplings? They're little 1.5x4.25" bits of art that I posted about here. I participated in an exchange, and these are the returns I picked up in the post this morning. Aren't they lovely?
In other news, the San Francisco Giants finally won the Divisional Championship yesterday. DS Henry was playing in a baseball game at about the same time as yesterday's final game, so we missed the first half of the game. When his game finished, we were too far from home to get back before the game ended. So, we hightailed it over to a pizza place near the ball field (with about half his team in tow) and watched the last hour of action, as well as the huge celebration which ensued, there, at an out of the way pizza place. . . among friends . . . and victory was sweet! Thanks for all the nice comments on our family picture from Friday night's game.  It was taken by a nine year old fan on my iphone! As they say, sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you.
So, sports fans, in honor of the Giants victory, I'll be hosting a give-away.  Look for details tomorrow, along with links to other blog candy.  In the meantime, ponder this question: "Who do you root for?"


debs14 said...

I especially love the one in the centre, but they are all so pretty. Do you have a plan for what to do with them all?
As for footy teams, has to be Tottenham Hotspur!

scrappyjacky said...

The scraplings are gorgeous,Rinda....though I don't think I could work on such a small scale.
I'm not a sports fan personally...but football causes dissent in our house....with the males supporting Spurs....and the girls Arsenal.DS has even bought his new daughter a Spurs outfit!!!

2amscrapper said...

This was fun project! Helene

Terry said...

Those are all fantastic! How fun!! Had to go peak at the family photo,love it!

Amy said...

Teams ... big sports fans here! You may not know but the Commonwealth Games are on at the moment in India - like a mini Olympics for the British Empire ;-)
Love the second from the left scrapling ... soothing and cool!

laurie said...

the scraplings you received are so varied and beautiful. isn't that the funnest kind of mail to open?!

i am so happy for the giants!

humel said...

Aren't they gorgeous! What do you plan to do with them? Have you discussed that somewhere that I haven't caught up with yet?!

I root for Hereford United (go Bulls!), and I root for my family :-)