Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughts of Shopping Interrupt the Daily Routine

The current prompt at creative therapy is "What is your daily routine?"  When I first read the prompt, I giggled because my life is a little too hectic to have a daily routine.  Then I thought of those little plastic puzzles with the numbered tiles you're supposed slide around and put in the correct order.  Well, that's pretty much my daily routine - trying to slip and slide all the various pieces into the proper order.  So, here's my art journal page capturing my daily routine.  It would have been better sized as a square, but I still like it.
One of the reasons it's so hard for me to have a daily routine are those surprises that pop up.  This week the surprise has been trying to fit in back-to-school clothes shopping for the kids. I always get a headache both from the amount of money I'm spending and the mall. I did buy myself some cute aqua-teal vans tennis shoes, though! Is this a chore you're struggling with?
I've got other thoughts of shopping in my brain:
1. Should I buy a new online class?  Shimelle just posted "Learn Something New Everyday."  I did it a couple of years ago, creating an ATC each day based on the prompt.  Loved it! Not sure if I'll repeat it again.  Any takers out there? Karen of Random Reflections posted about two free classes at BPS, but they aren't calling to me.  Is anyone doing them?  Any reactions?
Any other ideas out there? I'm leaning towards just working on some of the regular challenges out there and maybe finishing up my "When I Grow Up" art journal that I started and never finished.
2. Any new apps out there? Tara Whitney recommends the ShakeItPhoto App for .99. Anyone bought it? I just bought an awesome (though expensive as apps go) app from painter and assemblage artist Michael DeMeng called "Shades of Alchemy." It contains all his awesome recipes for paint mixes (plus videos and cocktail recipes).  You can read about it in this blog post of his.  He's an amazing artist, and I love the idea of having these recipes on my ipad, at my finger tips!  The app cost $8.00 but the recipes and instructions are well worth it.  I would have spent 3x that for his most recent book in order to get the recipes, and I would not have received the awesome videos. They're very clear and really give you an idea of how to apply paint.  It's a lot like being in a class with Michael. Awesome! Plus, I've taken several classes from him and really love him as a person.  I'm happy to support his venture.   You can see some of my Michael DeMeng art in my post here or in this picture:
Anyway, I highly recommend it! Go on - be brave!
3. Time to shop for a new camera lens.  When I was at the state baseball tournament, I fell and broke my telephoto zoom lens.  I shoot with a Nikon. I'm considering this 70-300 lens with a f 4.5 for $600, although I'm lusting after this 70-200 lens with an aperture as wide as 2.8 for $2000.  If I hadn't broken my lens, then for Christmas I was looking to get a fixed 85 mm lens - either this f 1.8  lens for $500 or this f 1.4 lens for $1350.  I'm not really sure I can justify spending $1400-2000 on a lens.  Especially since I was also/alternately planning to upgrade my camera from a D50 to a D90 ($900) at Christmas.  So, any thoughts???  Also, anyone know what the story is with the Nikon DX line of cameras? Never quite figured that out.
Thanks for your advice!


evalyn said...

I hear you on the 70-200 mm lens. I want that one badly but can't justify the cost...yet. And it's really heavy for me. The 85mm will probably be my next purchase.

debs14 said...

Whenever there is a decision to be made over 'expensive but what you really want' and 'cheaper but not ticking every box' I think you should work out how often you would use it. Every day for the next 3 years? Divide the cost by the number of days, daily rates seem MUCH better! If you go for the cheaper thing, you won't love it so much so won't use it so often so it's cost goes up. Deb logic ;-)
I'm about to start the May Flaum class over on Big Picture which looks good and comes recommended by a friend who's done her classes before. I love having a new class to look forward to!

Amy said...

I'm a canon girl and the lens situation is much the same - I'm in the market for a zoom but with costly house renovations I think I will be waiting a bit longer! Last Christmas Santa bought me a fixed 50mm lens and we went for the 1.8 which is a plastic lens and only about $120 AUD - I wasn't sure if I would like a fixed lens so this was a great beginner or trial lens - and really the results are fantastic .. maybe Nikon has a similar one?

I'm not sure if I have the oomph for LSNED again this year - there is a lot going on here and I did intend to participate but I'm not sure now - classes are going to be tricky for me over the next couple of months.

Luckily we have school uniforms here - buying school clothes is something akin to a nightmare in my opinion, I wish you luck!

And lastly .... yes, I will finish soon - I don't have a iphone - one made it's way back from China but that is another whole story and perhaps a layout in the making ;-)

scrappyjacky said...

Most kids over here wear school uniform as well....makes it much easier....especially as all the supermarkets now sell it at extremely low prices.
I signed up to the 'Big Ideas Festival' and am just saving the ideas that I like.....and in September am Starting Kathy Z's 'Me-the Abridged Version'....which is something totally new to me...and [apparently] can be done non-digitally...though I really,really want to be brave, and try hybrid.
And as for camera lens....I don't have the slightest idea what you're all talking about [and I'm covering my little Fuji's ears]!!!!!

Becky said...

I'm the same as Amy, I have a Canon and I had exactly the same lens as her for my birthday last year. I am really pleased with it for such an inexpensive lens and it lets me have a good play. I'm now looking at zooms too, but can't really afford it with one child returning to uni and the other going off to college!
I am thinking of doing LSN again this year. Did it for the first time last year, but feel like doing it again this year as it is going to be such a different September for me. Just hope I can keep up!

Cheri said...

Love the art journal page. I started LSNED last year, but didn't get very far... typical when times get busy around here, so I can totally appreciate how you are feeling. We started back-to-school shopping with my 30% off at Kohls coupon, but the girls don't like the clothes selection there, so I know a trip to the Mall is looming in my future. I'm dreading it!

Sian said...

I like Deb's point about dividing the cost of the lens by how many times you are going to use it. Certainly it is something which gives you a lot of pleasure. Over here we would probably be able to claim for the broken one on the house insurance - any chance of doing that?

I am seriously thinking about the May Flaum class - everyone who did the last one seems to have had a ball! And I like the way she thinks, I've started reading her blog.

We have school uniform here, so a couple of new blazers and we're done :)

Mommy2CVC said...

LOL! I'll take her shopping!

humel said...

Hi Rinda, I've just had a lovely catch up on your blog after my holiday :-) Sorry to hear about your lens mishap! I love your sliding puzzle art journal page (am I the only one who tried to solve it in her head...?!) Also loved your review of LYPLYP and agree with so much of what you said, only adding that for me I found the Photoshop prompts equally interesting and useful - if you do get into digi as you've mentioned I'm sure you'll return to those too :-)

Too many other lovely posts to mention them all, but I'll just finish by saying I was sorry to miss your haiku challenge - I may have to have a go even if I'm too late to enter the giveaway! xx

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

My kids are still wearing their summer clothes & probably will be until nearly October so I can leisurely pick up stuff for the next month or more fortunately.

I've taken Learn Something New before, a couple years ago I think. I'm going to do it again this year

Kimberlee said...

I just saw the Shimelle class. I was thinking about it as well. I haven't tried that one yet, and maybe that is what I need to get me back on track with my creativity? I dunno.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/ideas. :D

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your lens. I dropped my camera and had to have my 50mm/1.4 repaired, but it was worth it since it's my favorite lens. I have two Tamron lenses and I know they also make lenses for Nikon. I love the results with both of mine, especially the one with vibration compensation. Even with the VC option, the lens was a lot less expensive than the Canon equivalent.