Monday, August 16, 2010

Haiku Winner & Shimelle Party Entries

Quiet Summer Night
A final haiku for you
Thanks for joining me

"Haiku in blogland" turned out to be a terrific success.  Thanks again to Tammy Lee for providing the inspiration in the first place.  Twelve wonderful bloggers participated, and you can see their entries here.  The participants were:
1. Helena   2. Becky   3.  Sian  4.  Tammy Lee  5. Denise   6.  Karen
7. Marie   8. Deb (England)  9.  Amy  10.  Jennifer  11.  Deb (Az.)  12.  Laurie
The random winner is 
#5 Denise!  Denise, email me with your address (rinda1961 at yahoo dot com), and I'll put a prize in the mail to you.  
And a second, domestic winner #4 Tammy Lee.  Tammy Lee, send me your address, and I'll drop a prize in the mail to you.
The picture above was taken in response to Shimelle's party prompt to take a picture of something around the house.  Since the deadline is fast approaching to enter the give-aways for her blog party, I'm attaching a variety of other entries.
Here's my entry for a photograph using a reflection.  I'm submitting this because I want to remember too take some other photos using the reflection from my ipad.  I think there's some cool portraits in that idea.
This is my entry for a book-related photograph.  DS Henry read The Kite Runner this summer for Advanced English, and he needs to do a "visual book report" about one of the themes in the book.  He made these kites out of plaster.  He's going to paint them, add some text and then mount them in clay.  It's nice to document this stage of the project.
I did some scrapbooking this weekend, too.  This layout illustrates scrapbooking with squares (see them in the bottom right hand corner).
And scrapbooking with my favorite supplies - Club Scrap, of course!  By the way, this is a sketch from the second to last day of the LYP,LYP class that I've been meaning to use forever.  Speaking of Club Scrap,
here's my entry for my workspace.  It's a stack of Club Scrap pizza boxes that I used to create this weekend.  I like how the shadows indicate the approach of evening. Thanks for all the inspiration, Shimelle!  


Amy said...

Congratulations to Denise!

Thanks Rinda for again providing a great deal of inspiration and memory making and reminiscing :-)

How did DS find The Kite Runner? I found it to be very emotional, disturbing and yet strangely beautiful. It looks as though he is turning into a 'plaster-master' as well ;-)

scrappyjacky said...

I've really enjoyed Shimelle's blog crop....though wish she'd given longer to complete the projects.
I love the way you manage to get so many photos on your layouts...without them looking overcrowded at all...I need to work on this!
The plaster kites are a great idea....look forward to seeing his painted versions.

Denise said...

Oh my goodness- thanks Rinda - will email you. :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

congrats, i am no good at poetry but could have cheated as i have a book of haiku. my friend gave it to me for my 40th not sure why but anyway at least i'm not a complete philistine now.
i read the kite runner, it's such a brilliant book but sad at the same time. glad u joined in with the rest of for shimelle's crop, it was fun to do and i needed to keep up the rhythm for my mum's album which is coming along nicely. so far she loves all the pages she's got
Jo xxx

Sian said...

Well done Denise!

Those plaster kites on top of the book make for an arresting photo. I like it very much.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

ohh. How fun to win. :) Thank you Rinda.

debs14 said...

The Kite Runner is quite a tough book for a teenager to read, did he see the film too?
Seems like the whole family are getting in on the plaster projects! Those kites look good, make sure to blog the finished items.

Lizzie said...

Great post, Rinda! Your photos for the Reflections and Workspace challenges are great - very imaginative. Love those little houses...

You really are very good at multi-photo layouts. They look so professional and well-designed.

I prefer to use more than one photo and have often used lots. But recently I've tried a few single-photo ones... they were ok too, so maybe I can do both types. I normally just have so many pictures that I need to use more than one on a layout.

I think I should do as you do and collect sketches for layouts. Then I might be as efficient and quick at making them as you!!