Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pairs #5: Outside/Inside (Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt)

When you walk up to my front door, with the sun at your back, this is what you see:
Once inside, if you turn around, you see this:
We have beautiful stained glass windows in our front door.
And I knew I wanted to photograph them for Item # 13 Stained Glass Window in the wintertime photo scavenger hunt.  In addition to this basic picture, I want to share a few other photographs which give you a better sense of the beauty of stained glass.
Close up, with light streaming through
Colors bouncing on our interior walls
We used to have seashore-themed stained glass in these window, but we replaced it last year with this geometric shape designed by Johnny Gordon from Louisville, Kentucky. It was such fun to work with an artist to come up with something that really fit our home and our aesthetic. I'm linking up this week with Helena's Photography Pairs meme and calling the top two photos: outside/inside. 
I'm also linking up with the January end of the month Link Up for the Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt. As for my progress, I only have six left (in bold below).
1. Reflection in water - done
2. Someone wearing a funny hat - done
3. Ornate door knocker
4. Breakfast - done
5. Something that is over 100 years old - done
6. Winter weather
7. Someone dressed for the season
8. A fish - done
9. Festive lights- done 
10. A letter shape in nature or in an object - done (not blogged yet)
11. Polka dots - done
12. Silhouette - done
13. Stained glass window - done
14. Partly built new building
15. Bunting

16. A collection (of anything) - done
17. Texture - done
18. Shadow - done 
19. Street musicians
20. Nativity scene - compulsory and can't be substituted - done
Alternative A - new life - done
Alternative B -  a decorated tree - done


Maggie said...

I love stained glass and look at yours! Fabulous! I so wish I could incorporate some into our house. Well done on the hunt! You are doing well!

GlorV1 said...

Hi Rinda. Long time no see. I love stained glass. Your door is beautiful. Great photos. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

Karen said...

Just gorgeous---as are your photos!

Miriam said...

Absolutely beautiful Rinda & two in one! well done.

helena said...

beautiful and how wonderful to work with an artist to create a piece that fits you

Sian said...

When I saw the first pictures I thought to myself what beautiful shadows it must cast - then I scrolled down and saw the extra pictures. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

beautiful...I love stained glass windows

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I loved seeing these photos, Rinda. That stained glass is gorgeous. I love how the artist continued the circular design from the door to the side window. It reminds me of a mandala peeking through from the other side. Great shots!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh these are gorgeous - the thumbnail came up and I thought it had to be yours from the shapes and then I saw the colours and knew :) Gorgeous colours flooding your hallway - yum.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I'm a big fan of stained glass too and yours is beautiful.

Beverly said...

How glorious to not only have this in your home but to have worked with the artist. Photo #4 is my fav :)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic pair! I love stained glass windows with the sun shining through them. I must go through my pictures and get some pairs to share.