Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank you . . . and a few thoughts

Yesterday I announced that I am training to run a half-marathon and fund raising to find a cure for cancer.  You can read the full post here.  I was truly touched by how quickly many of you responded to my request to join me!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sian Fair has a wonderful series she calls "So this is scrapbooking," where people share stories of how scrapbooking has affected them. Yesterday I had one of those experiences. Scrapbooking is starting a blog and "meeting" people from all over the world on-line.  Scrapbooking is meeting a few of them in real life and hoping/planning to meet many more. Scrapbooking is pouring your heart out to your blog friends when your husband is diagnosed with cancer and you world goes sideways.
And scrapbooking is asking those same friends to support you in raising money to find a cure for his disease.
And having them respond!
Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. Thank you to those who continue to keep Paul in your thoughts and prayers, and who support Clara and I in our training, even if you can't or don't choose to financially support our efforts. 
Thank you scrapbooking!
If you would like to help us raise money to find better treatment and cures for blood cancers, please click on this link or on my picture in my sidebar. That will take you to the home page for "Team Running for Dad" where you can learn more about our story and donate.
Tomorrow, back to regularly scheduled programming!


Amy said...

Oh yes, I could not agree more. Your post today is a big part of how I feel about scrapping and blogging.

I am thrilled that you and Clara are working to raise awareness and money for blood cancer research. I have been moved many a time visiting you, your strength and resilience, not to mention hopeful and determined attitude has been nothing short of an inspiration.

Cancer affects so many of us and anyway that we can collectively help to find a cure is such a positive step.

Good luck with the training - we need a chant, or hey ... what about a cheerleading uniform??!!! ;-) Hmmm, I know, you need a playlist for your iPods .... anyway, just know that you are being supported and cheered on from down here!

Sian said...

Everything Amy has said :) She did it beautifully.

If you ever fancy expanding those thoughts and writing a full piece for the series I'd be honoured to give it a place. With a big link to that fund raising page!

Alison said...

Not much I can add to Amy's comment, except to say that I too eel blessed to belong to this very special community! Cheering you both on all the way!
Alison xx

Missus Wookie said...

I struggle to explain to people that some of my best friends are through a screen rather than around the corner. Ones who get me, support me and talk me down off ledges - albeit through a keyboard. Glad to have met you and rejoicing that you are able to run this half marathon to find a cure with Paul cheering you on.

Becky said...

Totally agree with you and also with Missus Wookie's comment and Amy's. Good luck with the fund raising and the run - will be cheering you on all the way x

Miriam said...

All that's been said from my tiny corner of the world.
You are an inspirational lady.