Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Classes Old and New

My friend Jacky chose "finish" as her one little word for 2013.  I found that inspiring because I have some unfinished things that I want to do in 2013.  I'd like to finish up the decluttering of the kids's rooms and garage, inspired by my 2012 word "home" (as well as fix the fences in the back yard). I also have some specific things to finish up from my 2011 word "health."
Jacky's post also inspired me to make a list of the unfinished online classes and work books I have. I'm documenting them below in the hopes of finishing them up this year.  Creating the inventory also made me realize that, although I had plenty of drawing and photography classes, I wanted to add a mixed media art journaling class to the mix. So, I searched around the internet and stumbled upon Kelly Kilmer's class "Marvel: Your Precious Life." It intrigued me because her art journal pages are very different from my typical style. I also like the idea of a "dry" class - no paints; just paper and pens. I have so many collage images and specialty papers that this seemed like a great way to bust into my stash. I'm enjoying it so far. I'm sure you'll see pages from the class on my blog this month, and I promise to do a class review when I'm done. The page up top is from the prompt: "What is your dream for today?" And my answer was "Today I want to make art."
Here's the inventory of other classes in my hopper:
Alisa Burke's Sketchbook Delight, Part 2. Bought it on sale; haven't started it yet.
Katrina Kennedy's Exposure photography class. Bought it. Printed out the pages. Carried them around all summer. Haven't started it yet.
Iphone photography e-book. Just purchased this for myself. Want to work through it.
Chris Orwig's People Pictures (30 portrait exercises). Purchased it and really want to work through it.
Art Journals on the Go. Received this video in a blog give-away and want to watch it.
Photoshop Elements - I have one or two classes purchased to teach me PSE. It was so long again I'm not even sure where they are. Sigh. I hope to find them and work through them.
Paper for the Ipad. This isn't technically a class. But I bought the app and have a stylus on order. I'm planning to work on digital sketching this year.  I have to give a hat tip to Sammi aka Journal Girl who inspired me with her 365 days of digital journaling posts.
That's a lot!!! No need to purchase any more classes until I finish these I think.
What about you? Are there classes you're working on finishing? Or thinking about joining?


scrappyjacky said...

And your comment on my 'finish' post inspired me to take a look at classes I haven't finished.....actually there's some I haven't even I think those are definately going to be added to my 'to finish' list.
I think I'm probably in the same boat as you with the PSE classes.....and I really do want to finish learning how to use it this year.
Good luck.

Sian said...

I could definitely do with a PSE class. I paid for a December Daily class and didn't get near it with too much going on here, which I'm very disappointed about. So no more spending on classes for a bit for me I think! But I'll be keeping an eye out for your class reviews because I always enjoy them

Elizabeth said...

I also have some unfinished classes BUT I always finish classes on PSE. I just love that program, and since I mostly do digital layouts, it's nice to know what I am doing. Now to get to work on those unfinished classes. '-))

Beverly said...

I have decided the only way I am going to tackle PSE (which I got 2 years ago @@) is to hire a friend to give me lessons. I have a long list of unfinished classes/projects but don't feel confident this will be the year they are completed.

Lynn Cohen said...

I just found 'Paper' app and am having fun drawing and watercoloring on it. Just started! You will love it.

Also I am excited about the publication of my first book of my art: "One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco"! Happy New Year!

nancy y said...

I think you will like Kelly's class. She comes up to the Fremont area fairly regularly for weekends full of classes - Connie usually goes to those and takes Kelly classes when she is in LA if she can. I've taken classes with Kelly when Stampers Warehouse was open and she's very fun.

Irene said...

Definitely an eclectic list of classes to do and finish. It would seem that you are not alone in not getting to finish them all. I certainly have a few that need addressing.
I am interested in the apps you mention and look forward to one of your great reviews on these in the future.

*jean* said...

hi rinda - happy new year! i had great luck with kim klassen's PSE classes...she has some free ones and her other ones are quite affordable...sounds like you have lots of fun lined up! love your dry pages!

Becky said...

That's a few classes to finish! I have not got any classes outstanding and at the moment I am not looking at doing any. However that will probably change!

Unknown said...

Will need to go check out the paper now.

laurie said...

i'm taking blogging from the heart with susannah conway right now. i have taken two classes from kelly kilmer and have loved both of them. have fun!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I'm all caught up on my classes for now. I've been dithering about Ali's One Little Word class and Angie's Grammar Free Journaling class at Big Picture. I loved the 31 Things class I took there last year.

Nothing else has really caught my interest yet.

Karen said...

I published a list of classes, some new and some unfinished, as part of my OLW "DO" post. Too many, probably. Next week, I start an 8 week course in photoshop at a local community darkroom with an instructor who helped me print some photos for exhibition last year. I'm sure some of it will be over my head, but he assured me I'd learn a lot, most of which I'll be able to use in PSE. Tracy gave me PSE 11 for Christmas. I started playing with it on vacation, and like it quite a lot. My BIL is sending me a copy of full photoshop to use during the class.

Anonymous said...

LOL - I almost laughed when I saw the beginning of this post as finish is also my word for the year. Like you I need to finish up some courses I either stopped part way through or didn't even start. PSE ones are definitely at the head of the line, right after one that will no longer be available at the end of the year.