Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Major League Baseball Opening Day

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball in the United States, and John Fogerty's song "Center Field" really captures the excitement of the day for me. Can't get enough baseball? I also found this wonderful video which captures the goosebumps of an actual game.  It's long (12 minutes) and only uses still photography, but the music is terrific:

Finally, for you S.F. Giants fans out there, the Giants anthem from last year:

The Giants open in Los Angeles this year against our hated rivals, the Dodgers.  Their home opener isn't until April 8th.  We'll be there on April 10th, for Buster Posey Rookie of the Year Day.  We can't wait! Why do we love baseball so much?  Read my post here and this one here, and you'll get a little understanding of how it can draw us together as a family. What about you?  Will you be taking in any baseball this year?  Or for my international readers, what sports will you be going to see live?


Amy said...

Go Giants! I bet you are all very keen for the season to start ... especially after the results of last season! :-)

Even though Melbourne is an absolute mecca for live sport, I am not sure how much I will actually get to, perhaps some AFL - our football, but more likely some netball ... go DIAMONDS! It's a World Championships year this year so there will be a lot of excitement late June and July!

Beverly said...

I have sweet, sweet memories of going to minor league games with my Granddaddy and we took our boys to those too. We're Atlanta Braves fans (if you can call us fans) since the Chosen One spent his early years there. But :::gasp::: baseball is not a beloved sport in our family. We'll go to some lacrosse games and our college alma mater's spring football game but that will be it for live sports until fall.

Lizzie said...

Great post, Rinda! I actually read this earlier today, on my DH's ipod but couldn't logon to comment - so I am now!

Great music, fun pictures - the last video made me smile, with the fans in fun costumes and waving flags etc.

I went to a "real" baseball game once, long ago, when I was a very little girl - we had a USAF base near our town, though it is now closed - some friends of our family lived on the base and invited us to the ball game. It was fun, though I was a bit young to follow it all, and probably got bored after a while.. I remember eating "cotton candy" though!

Good luck to the Giants this season - I have no team of my own, so I'm happy to root for yours!

Kim said...

I just root for one baseball player. Boone Logan is a former student of my husband's so I have a very special spot in my heart for his success. (We also had a former student who won a Gold Medal in 4man Blobsled. Who would think a kid from San Antonio?) lol

Becky said...

We don't actually watch any sport live - we are not extremely sporty in this house, although Hugh loves to watch soccer on the tv on a Saturday afternoon or an evening if 'his' team or England are playing. We are planning on trying to catch the Giants though when we come over next year as we both love baseball!

Ginger said...

I'm not a big baseball fan but I like that sports create a sense of community and it's always fun to have rivals. Edmonton is a big hockey town so we sometimes will watch the games, but honestly, I look forward to July as I cannot wait for the Tour de France!

Mommy2CVC said...

It was a beautiful opening day here in LA! Our love for our team goes back generations and is a Hernandez family thing. Good thing I married a Dodger fan or my dad would have disowned me. LOL!